Pay Your Bill

Hot, humid weather can lead to higher energy use, and therefore higher energy bills. If you used your air conditioning to help keep you comfortable during the [late-July] heat wave, your energy bill for this period may be higher than usual.

These tips can help you stay cool and comfortable this summer while saving energy and money.

  • · Plant trees to shade your home and block the heat from the sun.
  • · Clean or replace your cooling system’s air filter regularly.
  •    Limiting indoor cooking on warm days to keep the temperature down.

 Businesses can keep their cool too!

  • · Set an energy saving “sleep mode” on computers and other equipment.
  • · Install sensors or timers to turn lights off automatically.
  •   Schedule yearly maintenance of HVAC equipment to keep it running efficiently.

Contact us for more information on ways to beat the heat and stay comfortable or visit FOCUS ON ENERGY.

New London Utilities has implemented new electric and water rates effective October 1, 2015. Click Here for an updated rate information sheet.